Austin Hollow News & Notes

It's Split Single Release Day! / "The Fisherman" Release News. / Jason Isbell Tribute Show News.  

Hello friends.

In this edition of Austin Hollow news, it's CD release day for our new split single "Sweet Tea/ Anita." The first song, “Sweet Tea” is a foot stomping quick little swampy rocker of a tune. Now, if Sweet Tea somehow doesn't work you into a frenzy, the second track “Anita” surely will. Anita is also an upbeat, bluegrassy influenced tune that features the hot fiddle playing of our good friend, the talented Mr. Mike Kedley. We are excited about sharing these new songs so go to your favorite streaming platforms and check them out, save and share the rock. As a special thanks for your support, a free download link is below for each song to add to your personal library. Enjoy the stuff.

Our second big announcement is that the long awaited full length album “The Fisherman” will soon be available, streaming everywhere on Tuesday October 16th. If you've enjoyed the advance singles over the last few months, you won't be disappointed with this record. We are proud of The Fisherman and we can't wait to finally share the full release with our friends and new fans out there. More info soon.

Finally, as many of you folks may know, all of us in AH are big fans of Jason Isbell. His songwriting and live performances continue to be an inspiration to Austin Hollow. A few years ago, we prepared a special live performance featuring a tribute of songs by Jason Isbell, unfortunately, the Covid lockdown came and cancelled the show. We are pleased to announce that the tribute show has been rescheduled for Saturday October 21st, at 8pm, at Three Heads Brewing here in Rochester, N.Y. Come on out and join us for a set of Austin Hollow favorites, followed by a rousing set of classic and new music by Jason Isbell. AH will be joined by special musical guests to help us out, so it should be an interesting, entertaining and memorable show. Below is a show link for more info.

That's all for now. Take care. Jona.


It's single release day and Austin Hollow Album party news. 

Hello friends!

Today is release day for our new single "Out Of Ohio" and we invite all of our email followers to download a free copy of the new song via the link below as a special thank you for your support of AH. (Click "More" Icon on song info on link for download).

Out Of Ohio is a song about escaping the clutches of ones past and not looking in the rear view mirror on I-71 leaving it all behind.  We hope you enjoy the vibe and the song.

If you're a Spotify or Apple Music subscriber, Out Of Ohio can be found in the link below to stream and save. Enjoy!

As if this week's "OOO" release wasn't exciting enough, our "The Fisherman" album release party takes place this Saturday August 12th at 8pm at Lovin Cup Bistro here Rochester. We are performing all the songs on our new album, which will be available for sale, plus some extra suprises, along with performances by our friends The Ribbon Project and Fables and Fools. Come celebrate our party and enjoy a night of Roots Rock Americana original music. Details below.

Anyways, we hope you enjoy our latest single "Out Of Ohio" and again we thank you for following, liking, streaming and supporting us as we grow and share our music with you. Take care and see you at Lovin Cup,J




Video views, "Out Of Ohio" single, New band store and "The Fisherman" album release party news. 

Greetings friends.
In this week's Austin Hollow news, we first would like to thank everyone who has viewed, commented and enjoyed our video for "A Man Like That." Over 100 views per day on FB the first week of it's release and still going strong on YouTube etc. Thanks again to Mike Muscarella for helping us with that project.
Speaking of videos, we are slowly populating our YouTube channel with new content and this week we added a special acoustic version of Jason Isbell's song "Tupelo" from his "Nashville Sound" release performed by Scott Austin and Mel Muscarella. Check the link below for that and if you enjoy it, subscribe to our channel for more AH content to come.

Speaking of new music, our next single from the upcoming "The Fisherman" release is called "Out Of Ohio." The release date for "OOO" is on Tuesday August 8th. We will be starting a Spotify pre-save campaign in the days ahead for the song, so look out for info on getting the new single straight to your library on 8/8/23. Details to come.

Hey! Our band store has just launched on our website. If your interested in obtaining some AH swag check out the link for our first run of shirts and items related to our new music and the band.

Finally, our advance album release party at Lovin' Cup is getting closer! We hope to see all our Rochester friends on Saturday August 12th. Giveaways are in the works as a token of appreciation for the recent support you've given us on the new music and support at the shows. Show details are linked below.
Take care folks. Jona.

"A Man Like That" fan response, official video premier, second single news and upcoming "album party and live show." 

Hello friends.
In Austin Hollow news this week, the release of our debut single "A Man Like That" enters week #2 and the positive response from all of you friends, as well as new followers has been outstanding.
The task of getting our first release out in front of new “unknowing” ears is a challenge in this industry, but our small and growing following is stepping up big time, sharing posts, downloading the song, adding "AMLT" to their playlists and following us on Spotify. We've also received some nice reviews and playlist posts from around the globe which never ceases to amaze us in this digital age of unlimited reach.
We appreciate the grass roots support from all of you and we hope you are enjoying the content we are sharing along with the new music. Bravo to you.

In other "A Man Like That" song related news, the premier of our official video for "AMLT" hits our YouTube channel and our socials on Tuesday July 11th at midnight. 
We would like to thank Mike Muscarella for helping us shoot many scenes featured in the video and although it is hardly a high budget production, we love the result and feel like it captures the DIY spirit of both the band, the recording vibe of the track and the status of the band as new original artists with our first single. Lookout for that new video on July 11.

Finally, we have a few more pieces of news to add to your mental calenders for the month of August. First off, the next and second single off the upcoming "The Fisherman" album called “Out Of Ohio” will be available everywhere on Thursday August 10th. As our series of singles trickles forth ahead of "The Fisherman" this fall, "Out Of Ohio" is a driving, upbeat, lyrically cynical song about the great state of Ohio. More teaser details to come on the new track in the coming weeks. The release of "Out Of Ohio" comes just days before Austin Hollow's special "The Fisherman" "album only" release show at Lovin' Cup at our home base in Rochester, NY. 
Again folks, the only way you can listen to the new album before it streams live this fall will be on a disc of wax purchased at the show. 
More show details to come in next weeks news blog about the Lovin' Cup album party and show. That's all the news for now folks. 
Take care gang, Jona.

It's "A Man Like That" single release day! 

Hello friends. Today all of us in Austin Hollow are proud to share our debut single “A Man Like That” from the upcoming album “The Fisherman” out this fall. 

The song was penned by singer/guitarist Scott Austin. Lyrically, “AMLT” is a song lamenting explosive mistakes made and casualties lost. We invite everyone to listen on your favorite streaming platform via the link below. If you enjoy the song and want to support what we do, please follow, save and share “AMLT.”

As a special thanks for all your support, a free download of “AMLT” can be yours below via SoundCloud for a limited time. Again, thanks for listening. Hugs. Jona


"A Man Like That" Spotify pre-save campaign is underway! 


Hello friends. In this weeks Austin Hollow news, we start with the launch of our first Spotify campaign to support the release of our debut new single “A Man Like That.”  The official release date is June 27th, but if you sign up to pre-save the track to your Spotify library, we will include a special reward just for you. By opening the pre-save link below, we are including for you an exclusive free advance download “A Man Like That” for you to hear right now, weeks before the release date! We hope you all enjoy the download and we thank you for being the first to sample the new song. Enjoy.

In other news, we are creating more video content, band profiles and behind the scenes videos and posts to promote the release and summer shows, as well as completing an upcoming “official” video for AMLT to follow the songs release date. If you would like to link to our various social sites for more posts and news, click the link below.

That's all for now folks. Talk soon. Peace. Jona.



Lights, Camera, Action! 

Hello everyone. In this week's AH news, preparation for coming shows, album promotion, our new Single release and Kickstarter are all keeping us busy.

First off, rehearsal time has been quite productive and a bit odd at the same time. 
Specifically, we are adding some cool new cover songs to sprinkle into our upcoming summer shows. We're keeping a lid on song particulars for now, but putting work into the music along with the recent weirdness of photo and video cameras being used while rehearsing, for band promotion etc. can be both distracting and time consuming. It's a necessary evil for the release related push to try to reach new people with what we do, but it's impossible to not feel like it's a performance for the camera, even when it's practice. In the weeks ahead, you'll be getting a good dose of behind the scenes band stuff, as well as a cool official video of "A Man Like That."

Speaking of the new album, the single "A Man Like That" is just weeks away from release and very shortly, we will be sharing Spotify Presave campaign info for everyone who wants the song delivered to their library on June 27th. Everyone who participates in the presave campaign will receive a free download of the song so watch for that in the days ahead.

Finally, our limited edition vinyl Kickstarter campaign for "The Fisherman" album has quickly reached its goal and is still active if you are interested in ordering these very limited hand numbered copies. We are all so greatful for your enthusiastic support with this campaign and can't wait to share all our new original music with all who participated in this fundraiser. 
Welp, that's all for now. Gotta get back to work. More to come.
Peace, Jona.


Release news & new Kickstarter offer 


Hello everyone. First off, all of us in AH would like to thank Skylark Lounge and our friends in The Ribbon Project for a memorable show last weekend. We'd also like to thank all of you that came out to support us. It was an awesome response, so big props to you all. Our next scheduled show will be a really special night, which we will detail below.

In AH record release news, our first single “A Man Like That,” from out debut release “The Fisherman” will be streaming and downloadable worldwide on Tuesday June 27th. Details of pre-saves on your favorite listening platforms to come soon.

Ahead of “The Fisherman” release date, we are offering a special, advance, vinyl only release of the new album, shipped to you weeks ahead of our official street date via our Kickstarter Campaign starting on May 29th. Sign up and you could be among the very first to have every song, even before the streaming services have it. 

Finally, we're announcing a special live performance celebrating the Kickstarter advance vinyl release of "The Fisherman on Saturday August 12th at Lovin' Cup here in Rochester. Check out our show page for details. 

More news to come. Take care folks, Jona. 

The debut album is complete! 


Great news everyone. The debut effort from Austin Hollow is “in the can,” and we all finally had the chance to review the songs in the studio yesterday as it went out to the mastering house. We are all so grateful to producer and engineer extraordinaire Mike Muscarella for his hard work and his talented ear for creating fantastic mixes on the new album coming to you this summer 2023. As a music creator and AH bassist, there's truly nothing more satisfying than getting to finally hear the sounds of  new songs, that a short time ago were just ideas, pieces of melodies and homeless guitar riffs. Way to go Mike!

The current timeline for the record will be announced in the weeks ahead, but we do have some information to keep you in the know. The release is entitled “The Fisherman” which is also a song title on the 10 song debut album that actually will be available on vinyl for you collectors. Also, our first of a few advance singles ahead of release day is entitled “A Man Like That.”

We have much work to do to prepare for release day as a “new” band, but we will keep updating you all on release dates, album preorders, the launch of our new merch page, live show info and a whole lot more news . Thanks for your support and time.   Jona.