"A Man Like That" fan response, official video premier, second single news and upcoming "album party and live show."

Hello friends.
In Austin Hollow news this week, the release of our debut single "A Man Like That" enters week #2 and the positive response from all of you friends, as well as new followers has been outstanding.
The task of getting our first release out in front of new “unknowing” ears is a challenge in this industry, but our small and growing following is stepping up big time, sharing posts, downloading the song, adding "AMLT" to their playlists and following us on Spotify. We've also received some nice reviews and playlist posts from around the globe which never ceases to amaze us in this digital age of unlimited reach.
We appreciate the grass roots support from all of you and we hope you are enjoying the content we are sharing along with the new music. Bravo to you.

In other "A Man Like That" song related news, the premier of our official video for "AMLT" hits our YouTube channel and our socials on Tuesday July 11th at midnight. 
We would like to thank Mike Muscarella for helping us shoot many scenes featured in the video and although it is hardly a high budget production, we love the result and feel like it captures the DIY spirit of both the band, the recording vibe of the track and the status of the band as new original artists with our first single. Lookout for that new video on July 11.

Finally, we have a few more pieces of news to add to your mental calenders for the month of August. First off, the next and second single off the upcoming "The Fisherman" album called “Out Of Ohio” will be available everywhere on Thursday August 10th. As our series of singles trickles forth ahead of "The Fisherman" this fall, "Out Of Ohio" is a driving, upbeat, lyrically cynical song about the great state of Ohio. More teaser details to come on the new track in the coming weeks. The release of "Out Of Ohio" comes just days before Austin Hollow's special "The Fisherman" "album only" release show at Lovin' Cup at our home base in Rochester, NY. 
Again folks, the only way you can listen to the new album before it streams live this fall will be on a disc of wax purchased at the show. 
More show details to come in next weeks news blog about the Lovin' Cup album party and show. That's all the news for now folks. 
Take care gang, Jona.

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