"A Man Like That" Spotify pre-save campaign is underway!


Hello friends. In this weeks Austin Hollow news, we start with the launch of our first Spotify campaign to support the release of our debut new single “A Man Like That.”  The official release date is June 27th, but if you sign up to pre-save the track to your Spotify library, we will include a special reward just for you. By opening the pre-save link below, we are including for you an exclusive free advance download “A Man Like That” for you to hear right now, weeks before the release date! We hope you all enjoy the download and we thank you for being the first to sample the new song. Enjoy.


In other news, we are creating more video content, band profiles and behind the scenes videos and posts to promote the release and summer shows, as well as completing an upcoming “official” video for AMLT to follow the songs release date. If you would like to link to our various social sites for more posts and news, click the link below.


That's all for now folks. Talk soon. Peace. Jona.



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