Hear the Music

Announcing our debut EP:
The Farmington Demos

A few months ago, we went into our friend’s studio in Farmington, NY with the intention of recording a quick and dirty demo of our music, something we could use to get bookings at local clubs. We thought maybe it would even be good enough to let a few close friends hear it.

What we ended up with was something much better than that. Something too good not to share. We call it The Farmington Demos.

Now: it’s still a demo. There are no fancy studio tricks and hardly any overdubs. If you listen carefully (and we hope you will) you’ll hear a mistake or two. But we’re still proud of it. We hope you enjoy it! Listen and download here.

Track listing:

  1. A Man Like That
  2. Sweet Tea
  3. Fly
  4. You Should Know Better