Hear the Music

Announcing our first official release:
The Farmington Demos

(Read all about it below and find out the only way to get this music!)

A few months ago, we went into our friend’s studio in Farmington, NY with the intention of recording a quick and dirty demo of our music, something we could use to get bookings at local clubs. We thought maybe it would even be good enough to let a few close friends hear it.

What we ended up with was something much better than that. Something too good not to share. We call it The Farmington Demos. And we’re releasing it to the world very soon.

Now: it’s still a demo. There are no fancy studio tricks and hardly any overdubs. If you listen carefully (and we hope you will) you’ll hear a mistake or two. But we’re still proud of it.

Right now, this music is not available in any store or on any streaming service. The only way to get it is to make a donation before December 13 to our fundraising efforts with the Ugandan Water Project, a local charity that has been providing clean water to people in need for over a decade.

All you have to do is make a donation in any amount using this link, and we’ll send you a digital copy of The Farmington Demos as our thanks for changing the world. Simply forward your donation receipt to contact@austinhollow.com. (Or just tell us that you donated; we’ll believe you.)

One more thing: the demo we’re sending out to donors is a special Limited Edition that includes several of our favorite cover songs. We won’t be releasing these publicly, so the only way to get these tracks is to donate before December 13.